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Looking for a CFO with institutional experience and entrepreneurial execution?

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Here at Stonehan, we bring a unique combination of entrepreneurial and Big 4 institutional experience. We take pride in our ruthless attention to detail, professional skepticism, and relentless pursuit of opportunities that meet only the highest standards for financial performance.

We serve the real estate industry, family offices, private equity fund managers, and accredited investors.

Seven Critical Factors Most CPAs Overlook

There’s a difference between working with a CPA and working with an entrepreneurial CFO focused on serving fellow entrepreneurs. At Stonehan we guide our clients by going beyond surface level investigation, into the nuances that only sophisticated investors can appreciate.

Services we offer


  • Outsourced CFO Support for Real Estate

  • Strategic Tax Advisory

  • Consolidated Financial Reporting

  • White Glove Tax and Accounting

  • Ongoing Compliance

  • Back Office Support

Real Estate Private Equity

Our private equity funds are focused on strategically selected assets in geographic locations that prove themselves despite our ruthless skepticism. We provide comprehensive financial oversight and institutional quality reporting for every asset in our portfolio.


  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

  • Master's in Real Estate Development

  • CFO with $1B of transactional experience

  • 4th Generation Real Estate Developer

  • Big 4 Experience

  • Series 7 (inactive)

What My Clients Are Saying...

“James has been instrumental in driving our investment structures and initiatives to be the most tax-efficient possible. His experience as a private equity CFO has proved invaluable to us on our routine calls.”

Tyler Lyons, Chief Investment Officer

“Stonehan has worked closely with me over the years to deliver timely custom KPI reports and financial statements that help me get a whole picture of my real estate portfolio and tax position. Over the years James has become a trusted advisor to my family and takes care of our comprehensive tax strategy.”

Ivan Matthew, Real Estate Developer

“After frustrating delays and a lack of professionalism from our prior tax preparer, working with Stonehan Accountancy has given us a great peace of mind to know that our investors are getting their K1s timely done by someone who cares, follows proper tax law, and has Big4 level experience.”

Hunter Thompson, Founder, ASYM Capital

Why Stonehan

As a CFO with both institutional and entrepreneurial experience, Stonehan has the unique ability to offer strategic, personalized, and forward-thinking financial solutions that resonate with real estate family offices and high-net-worth individuals.


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4th generation real estate developer


Institutional quality reporting, boutique quality attention

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