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Expertise in Real Estate Financial Management

At Stonehan Accountancy, P.C., we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the sophisticated needs of high-net-worth individuals and their real estate investments. Our Big4 experience and private equity background enable us to provide unparalleled expertise and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your financial affairs are managed with the highest degree of professionalism and propriety. Please note many of these services are achieved through our sophisticated partner referral network.

Accountancy & Financial Services


Harmonizing public and private investments to present a unified financial picture. We strive for our clients to be able to see an up-to-date financial picture “at the click of a button”


Providing insightful performance metrics and benchmarks to guide financial decisions.


Detailed and accurate balance sheet preparation and analysis.


Meticulous planning to ensure sustained lifestyle support and optimal cash flow.


Comprehensive general ledger reporting to track all financial transactions.


Thorough and precise bookkeeping services to maintain financial order on a consolidated basis.


Efficient management of bill payments and detailed expense reporting.


Tailored financial reports to meet specific client needs.

Accountancy & Financial Services


Comprehensive financial management for real estate portfolios.

due diligence assistance

Thorough due diligence for real estate acquisitions and dispositions.

lease analysis and review

Detailed analysis and negotiation of lease agreements.

cost management

Implementing cost management strategies for real estate projects.

financial modeling, budgeting & forecasting

Developing sophisticated financial models, budgets, and forecasts.

debt and equity broker introductions

Facilitating introductions to debt and equity brokers.

For a comprehensive suite of real estate services, please visit our Real Estate CFO page.

Generational Wealth Planning


Assist in constructing family vision mission statement that will inspire many generations to come

Estate and Trust Planning, Development & Structuring

Expert planning and structuring of estates and trusts in coordination with our trusted attorney network.

Intrafamily Loans – Structuring & Tracking

Structuring and tracking intrafamily loans.

Summary of Documents (Wills, Trusts, etc.)

Providing summaries of important documents.

Prenup, Postnup and Divorce Facilitation and Negotiation

Facilitating and negotiating prenuptial, postnuptial, and divorce agreements with our trusted attorney network.

Private Banking & Lending


Coordinating private banking services to meet your financial needs.


Mortgage/refinancing assessment, coordination and refinancing options.


Managing treasury functions and cash flow efficiently, including bill pay.

Tax Consulting and Planning

Domiciliary Planning

Strategic planning for domicile and residency to optimize tax benefits.

Offshore Trust and Transnational Planning

Expert planning for offshore trusts and transnational tax issues.

Family Limited Partnership Planning

Structuring and tracking intrafamily loans.

Family Foundations

Establishing and managing family foundations to achieve philanthropic goals.

Entity Structuring & Transaction Analysis

Structuring and tracking intrafamily loans.

State & Local Tax Nexus Analysis

Evaluating state and local tax nexus to ensure compliance.

Estimated Tax Planning

Facilitating and negotiating prenuptial, postnuptial, and divorce agreements with our trusted attorney network.

Learn more about our exemplary real estate tax strategy services.

Real Estate CFO Services

Federal, State & Local Income Tax

Expert preparation and filing of income tax returns at all levels.

Tax Notices & Administration

Managing and responding to tax notices efficiently.

IRS Audit Defense

Providing robust defense against IRS audits for tax returns we prepare.

Sales & Use Tax ReturnS

Accurate preparation and filing of sales and use tax returns.

Personal Property Tax Returns

Meticulous handling of personal property tax returns.

Payroll/Excise Tax Compliance

Ensuring compliance with payroll and excise tax regulations.

Expert Coordination

When we don’t have an expertise in a certain tax matter, we will coordinate with other experts in our network.

Estate & Gift Tax Execution, Tracking & Administration

Managing and administering estate and gift taxes with precision.

Private Equity Administration Services

Fund Administration

Managing the administration of private equity funds.

K1 Preparation

Preparing K1 forms for investors

Audit Coordination

Coordinating audits to ensure compliance and transparency.

Investor Portal Management

Establishing and managing family foundations to achieve philanthropic goals.

KYC/AML/Accredited Investor Due Diligence Management

Ensuring compliance with KYC, AML, and accredited investor requirements.

Fund Formation Consulting

Coordination with attorneys to draft documents for private equity fund formation

For a complete suite of private equity fund administration services, please visit our Private Equity Fund Administration page.

Hard Asset Management

Primary and Secondary Home/Ranch/Farm Management

Aircraft/Yacht Acquisition, Assistance & Analysis

Collectibles Inventory and Management

Personnel Management



Payroll Administration

Personnel Background Checks

Employee Benefits Coordination

Administration of Culture-fit Tests

Trustee Services

Trust Administration & ReportinG

Selection/Training of Trustees and Protectors

Trust Administration & ReportinG

Individual Trustee Services

Business Consulting

Partnership Accounting

M&A Planning

Buy/Sell Agreements & Funding

Business Transition and Succession Planning

Coordination of Investment Banking/M&A

Financial Planning

Personal Budget Planning & Reporting

Debt ManagemenT

Return on Assets Analysis

Retirement Planning (Qualified Retirement Plans)

Education Funding

(UTMA/UGMA & 529 Plans)


Family Philanthropic Oversight & Review

Entity Formation & Implementation

Grantmaking Oversight and NFP Evaluations

Private Foundation Management, Administration, Compliance

Coordination of Investment Banking/M&A

Insurance and Risk Management

Comprehensive Risk Management Coordination

Life Insurance Oversight

Disability Insurance Oversight

Long Term Care Insurance Oversight

Medical Insurance Coordination & Administration

Property & Casualty Facilitation, Oversight & Coordination

Personal/Family Security Emergency Preparedness Analysis

What My Clients Are Saying...

“James has been instrumental in driving our investment structures and initiatives to be the most tax-efficient possible. His experience as a private equity CFO has proved invaluable to us on our routine calls.”

Tyler Lyons, Chief Investment Officer

“Stonehan has worked closely with me over the years to deliver timely custom KPI reports and financial statements that help me get a whole picture of my real estate portfolio and tax position. Over the years James has become a trusted advisor to my family and takes care of our comprehensive tax strategy.”

Ivan Matthew, Real Estate Developer

“After frustrating delays and a lack of professionalism from our prior tax preparer, working with Stonehan Accountancy has given us a great peace of mind to know that our investors are getting their K1s timely done by someone who cares, follows proper tax law, and has Big4 level experience.”

Hunter Thompson, Founder, ASYM Capital

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