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“Our capital fund is focused on strategically selected assets in geographic locations that prove themselves; despite our ruthless skepticism.”

- James Bohan

6 Reasons Hotels should be in your portfolio in 2024

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Here at Stonehan, we bring a unique combination of entrepreneurial and Big 4 institutional experience. We take pride in our ruthless attention to detail, professional skepticism, and relentless pursuit of opportunities that meet only the highest standards for financial performance..

We serve the real estate industry, family offices, private equity fund managers, and accredited investors.

Our Current Offering


Hospitality fund targeting assets that need physical and operational value-add strategy in the mountain states of Idaho, Utah, Wyoming.

Portfolio Highlight

The Lake Village Lodge in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho was acquired in 2021 specifically because of the unique, post-COVID market dynamics at play in this market. Following a property-wide renovation, our strategy includes curating recurring local events, strategic marketing, and reducing operational costs through the use of AI-powered technology systems. To date this property has exceeded projected returns.

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As a CFO with both institutional and entrepreneurial experience, Stonehan has the unique ability to offer strategic, personalized, and forward-thinking financial solutions that resonate with real estate family offices and high-net-worth individuals.


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