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We recommend scheduling a call with our team to:

  • Answer your questions about our investment fund

  • Share more about our investment philosophy

  • Align on your unique tax and investment goals

Oops! Were you looking to speak with the Stonehan Accountancy team about our CFO services?

Contact our accountancy team here.

STEP 1. Pick a time that works for you.

Make sure you select a time that you know it will be convenient to be in front of a computer in an undistracted environment.

STEP 2. Check your email.

You will receive a confirmation email with information to review prior to our call as well as recommended items to bring to the call.

STEP 3. Make sure you’re at a computer for our call.

Your safety is our number one priority. For that reason, we will not take calls while you’re driving. If you happen to be driving at the time of our call we will politely request to reschedule for a time you can be in front of a computer.

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